On the occasion of the 36th Church’s anniversary, I would like to greet the Church for standing firm and steadfast on her Divine Calling. Also, I would like to give my personal testimony, being one of the remaining elders and a living witness, of God’s goodness and faithfulness – His loving care for His Church through all those years. I am now 68 ½ years old, and half of my life was spent in His Church and still continuing to spend the remaining years of life in His ministry.

“I consider my life to be worth nothing, if I will not finish the task the Lord has given me – the task of proclaiming the Gospel of God’s grace – Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ” (Acts 20: 24)

Our Church has gone through all trials, difficulties, and problems but God sustains her – the reason she never stopped from doing His work. Through God’s guidance and direction, she had planted churches in Quezon, in Rizal, and in La Union and just a year ago in Cavite. He continues to lift up His church through men and women who dedicated and committed their valuable services, without any remuneration at all, doing the honorable task of bringing the message of the Gospel to all, as Jesus Christ commanded. He never lets us down, neither forgotten nor abandoned, just as He had promised. He is always there in all circumstances – good or bad. He makes all things work together for good with those who love Him, those whom He called according to His purpose. He supplies all her needs, according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus – finances, gifted men and women, and other resources. Indeed, the Church has a Great Helper and Sustainer of everything she needs, for Jesus Christ is the Head of our Church. His love will never fail us. I am a witness to all of these!

Therefore, let us give thanks and gratitude to our Almighty God for His continuing love, goodness and faithfulness to His Church.

Ptr. Alex Amora

Rev. Alexander Amora, Senior Pastor

As your pastor, I encourage you to heed His call to continue serving, as our way of showing our love for His Church, just as Jesus Christ demonstrated His love for His Church by giving His own life for her. You, yourselves know what is your calling and your gifts that the Holy Spirit has provided you. You’ve been equipped through education and training. As a matter of fact, some of you studied and completed the course, through the SEE program of PBTS-Baguio. We will continue and utilize this program to equip the next generation of Church Leaders. Make use of those gifts in Kingdom Building for His Glory. Make good use of every opportunity we have, because we are in the last days. As the time of His 2nd coming is nearly at hand, CONTINUE TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF OUR FAITH!

This is also my tenth year as your called-pastor. And I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your support and cooperation in spite of my imperfection, shortcomings, weaknesses and deficiencies. There are challenges ahead. God has recently openned for us opportunities not only in Cavite but now in Capiz, in the Central Visayan region. I’m old now and slowing down. I may no longer be able to cope up with the pace of the work. I cannot do it alone and need your much-needed cooperation. Let us continue to work together, hand in hand (as we did in the past), in achieving God’s purposes mandated through His Church. Let us pray unceasingly for God’s help and guidance. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

God bless us all and His Church and our family!