The Church envisions a congregation strong in faith and love—caring as a family unit and sharing her faith and love to others—and adequately equipped members with spiritual passion for a consistent, untiring and vigorous proclamation of God’s Great Commission to “go, ye therefore and make disciples of all nations…” not only in the local community, but also in foreign places. Networking among the Body of Christ, locally and globally, through partnership endeavor is desired and dependence on the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit is primary in its missionary activity. Goodwill and respect among the Body of Christ, as well as non-believers, is aspired and will be earned through her demonstrations of faith and love for everyone, and respect for their culture in the fulfillment of this divine mandate, as exemplified by Jesus Christ, for God’s glory.


The Church will continue to fulfill its divine mandate to “go and make disciples of all nations…” through building up and strengthening the faith of its members, caring and sharing God’s love within the household of faith, promote unity and cooperation among the brethren, equip its members through discipleship, seminars, and formal theological education, and develop a strong spiritual passion to save the lost.