SOMMABCA HISTORY: A Reflection on God’s Faithfulness

SOMMABCA or South Metro Manila Baptist Churches Association, Inc. is one of the largest Baptist associations in Metro Manila. It is a regional aggrupation of all Southern Baptist Churches denomination whose location is in the jurisdictional area, south of Pasig River.

The founding fathers were:

  • Dr. and Mrs. Howard Olive, missionaries from the International Mission Board (IMB )
  • Rev. Larry Macasero from Village Baptist Church (VBC)
  • Rev. Juan Empig from Pasay Baptist Church (PasayBap)
  • Rev. Fred De Leon from Paco Baptist Church (PacoBap)
  • Rev. Walter Hunt from the International Baptist Church (IBC)

Thru the prodding of Dr. & Mrs. Howard Olive, the idea of forming an association was conceived at VBC and then was finalized at IBC in June 1977. Because of the growing membership (from a few churches at the start to 35 churches now), a new constitution was drafted, delineating the jurisdictional area. The jurisdictional area – all SB churches south of Pasig river, except Cavite area under WEST CABCA and churches under SOTABCA.

Hence, in 1990, a new Constitution and By-laws were drafted. The members of the Constitutional Commission were: Dr. Henry Silbor, Dr. Dante Velasco, and Ptr. Alexander Amora. Signed by member-churches at New Life Baptist Church, Quezon City.

Subsequently, filed with SEC, its Second Revision was made during last tenure of Dr. Dante Velasco with members appointed to do the task: Ptr. Boy Sison, Ptr. Alex Amora, Ptr. Joseph Pineda, Bro. JM Pacheco, and Sis. Ghuy Galeng. The second revision was presented and approved in 2016 at Village Baptist Church.

The Past SOMMABCA presidents were the following:

  1. Larry Macasero
  2. Tim Lardizabal Henry Silbor
  3. Jun Apura
  4. Danny Debolgado
  5. Ding Guevarra
  6. Lloyd Estrada
  7. Alex Arceno
  8. John Garcia
  9. Jun Pasaporte
  10. Dante Velasco
  11. Alexander Amora (extended for 2 yrs)
  12. Joe Regacho
  13. Alex Arceno (current)

SOMMABCA Mission points include:

  1. Bicol (Bicol Blitz) – Ptr. Nap Sergio
  2. Bicol (Legaspi and OAS)- Ptr. Ben Fernandez & Ptr. Tony Baratilla
  3. Mindoro (Pinamalayan) – Ptr. Ted Correa/Ptr. Ballesteros
  4. Batangas (Bauan) – Ptr. Andy Mendoza
  5. Cavite (Paliparan – Mabuhay) – Ptr. Benjie De Vera Cavite (Meadow Park), partnership with Paco BC
  6. Taguig (C5 area) – Ptr. Isaac Bacayo
  7. Samar (spearheaded by Cavite Zone) – Ptr. Isaac Bacayo
  8. Marinduque (Boac) – Ptr. Orlando Campit, continued by Ptr. Orly Barrantes
  9. Thailand (Ptr. Art Elbinias)

Presently (2018), there are a total of 35 active Member-Churches, divided into 8 clusters. Cluster 1 – Peter (Las Piñas area) Cluster 2 – Mark (Cavite area) Cluster 3 – Jude (Parañaque area) Cluster 4 – Paul (Taguig area) Cluster 5 – John (Pasay-Parañaque areas) Cluster 6 – Philip (Makati area) Cluster 7 – Luke (Manila area) Cluster 8 – Matthew (Muntinlupa-Laguna areas).

Cluster Peter Churches

  1. Moonwalk Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Romy Elbinias
  2. Living for Jesus Ministries
    • Ptr. Alvin Valdes
  3. Light of Life Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Felixberto C. Tasarra
  4. Church of Jesus Christ the Firm Foundation
    • Rev. Tomas Azurin
  5. Shalom Christian Community Church

Cluster Mark Churches

  1. Meadow Park Christian Fellowship
  2. Springville City Christian Church
    • Ptr. Felix Montano
  3. Joy in Christ Church
    • Ptr. Sonny Soriano
  4. Joy in Christ Church – Landscape
    • Ptr. Jun Bragais
  5. God’s Love and Compassion Christian Church International
    • Ptr. Tirso B. Jaudalso
  6. Sunny Brooke Village Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Mecsis Cariaga

Cluster Jude Churches

  1. Voice of God’s Love Christian Church – Parañaque
    • Ptr. Fred Hael
  2. United Christian Church
    • Ptr. Alexander Amora
  3. Greenheights Community of Believers
    • Ptr. Pio Raymundo
  4. The Church at Better Living
    • Bro. Limpoco

Cluster Paul Churches

  1. Village Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Erich Velasco
  2. Jesus the Christ Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Roy Mitra
  3. Channel of Blessing Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Jose Regacho
  4. Sucat Baptist Mission
    • Ptr. Jun Agan

Cluster John Churches

  1. Pildera II SBC
    • Ptr. Alexander L. Arceno
  2. Maranatha Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Manny Guites
  3. Jesus Light of the World Christian Church – Inactive
    • Ptr. Richard Francisco
  4. Voice of God’s Love Christian Church – Pasay
    • Ptr. Mario Tasipit

Cluster Philip Churches

  1. International Baptist Church of Manila
    • Ptr. David Crim
  2. Upper West Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Derick Jacinto

Cluster Luke Churches

  1. Heritage Christian Fellowship
    • Rev. Garvic V. Garcia
  2. Paco Baptist Church of Manila, Inc.
    • Ptr. Armando Jalmasco
  3. Good Samaritan Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Lino A. Caronongan
  4. Mendiola Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Domingo Rodolfo, Jr.
  5. Joy Student Fellowship
    • Ptr. Dong Alba

Cluster Matthew Churches

  1.  Lord’s Epistle Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Joseph Pineda
  2. Muntinlupa Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Israel Ocampo
  3. Lake View Baptist Church
    • Ptr. Cesar Torrigoza
  4. Mauban Community Church
    • Ptr. Jimmy Mirabueno/Treas